Upcoming Workshop Times & Events

Workshop:  Creating Memorable Characters
Suitable for:  New and Developing Writers

For readers to really invest in a character, a protagonist needs to be not only believable and relatable, but have the ability to drive your story and keep your audience engaged. 

But what makes a character truly memorable?  In this two hour hands-on workshop you’ll learn the fundamentals of characterisation, including how to create complex, well-rounded characters with endearing virtues and flaws and clear motivations that will stay in the hearts and minds of your readers long after their story is told.

Date:  Saturday, 24th November 2018
Time:  2:00 – 4:00pm
Venue: Room 26 Mount Martha Community House, Dominion Rd, Mount Martha
Cost:  $45 including afternoon tea and all resources

 (Limited to ten participants – Suitable for ages 16 – 116 years)

Workshop:  Editing Fundamentals
Suitable for:  New and Developing Writers

Congratulations! You’ve written your first draft. Your short story or novel is finally complete. Or is it?  The short answer is: NO.

The art of self-editing is a vital  resource in any writer’s toolkit. You’ve worked hard on your manuscript, and you want it to be the very best it can for the highest chance of publication. While editing is a highly-developed skill that requires experience and qualifications, the good news is there are many things you can do to self-edit your work and polish your story to the best of your ability.

This two-hour  workshop will take you through the fundamentals of self-editing. You’ll learn how to take your writing to the next level, raise your professional benchmark, and take a critical approach to the content, style, tone, and creative and technical issues in your writing.  This workshop is a great investment for your writing future, with take away value that will enhance your work, no matter what genre.
PS – Despite what you’ve heard, editing is fun!

Date:  Saturday, 1st December, 2018
Time:  2:00pm – 4:00pm
Venue: The Meeting Room, Mount Eliza Community Centre, 100 Canadian Bay Road, Mount Eliza
Cost:  $45 including afternoon tea and all resources

(Limited to ten participants – Suitable for ages 16 – 116 years)

School Holiday Creative Writing Workshop (8 – 12 years):
Make and Use Your Own Story Stones                                                  2 x Sessions

Story Stones are a wonderful way to combine your child’s love of story telling with a fun and individual way to flex their artistic muscles.

There are many ways story stones can be used for verbal and written storytelling, and collectively they represent a timeless tool with endless opportunities for story prompts, narrative structure, and creative play.

In this two-hour workshop kids will get a comprehensive introduction to Story Stones, including the chance to create and take home their very own starter set. They’ll have the opportunity to select and create their own stones while learning the various ways Story Stones can be used to help inspire their own stories, characters, settings and plots. This workshop is a whole lot of creative fun!

2 x Sessions – Thursday 17 January, 2019

Session 1:  10:00am – 12:00pm

Session 2:  1:00pm – 3:00pm

Venue: Room 26 Mount Martha Community House, Dominion Rd, Mount Martha
Cost:  $40  
(Limited to ten participants – Suitable for ages 8 – 12 years)

For bookings, please use the form on our Contact Page, or email info@storycraftworkshops.com.au