One of my favourite quotes is: Writing well means never having to say, “I guess you had to be there,” by cartoonist, Jef Mallet. This is the philosophy I use to underpin my own work, and so far it’s served my creative journey well.

I’m a Mornington Peninsula-based award-winning author, with a solid career of writing with influence across a variety of mediums. From professional copy and content writing, to freelance articles, to academic writing, to copy editing and proofreading for an Australian publisher of speculative and children’s fiction, I’ve enjoyed fiddling around with words on a professional level for years; however my true passion lies in storytelling.

My first novel, ‘Curtis Creed and the Lore of the Ocean‘ was released in 2018 through IFWG Publishing Australia, and my short stories, poems, and flash fiction have appeared in various Australian and international anthologies, magazines, and journals since 2007. A collection of my short fiction ‘Coralesque and Other Tales to Disturb and Distract’ was released through IFWG Publishing in 2021.

I’ve undertaken extensive professional development to hone my craft including a Master of Arts in Creative Writing and a Certificate of Publishing (Copy Editing & Proofreading).

Rebecca Fraser
Rebecca Fraser (Photo Credit: Karl Forcey)

As a proud member of the Australian Society of Authors, Writers Victoria, the Australasian Horror Writers Association, and the Peninsula Writers’ Club, I actively engage in various writing communities and share the supportive, nurturing, and professional ethos they embrace.

I’m passionate about sharing my skills and knowledge, and after several years of mentoring beginner writers and helping emerging writers achieve their creative dreams, I’m thrilled to be able to present StoryCraft Creative Writing Workshops to aspiring writers of every age and ability. My workshops have been enjoyed by children and adults in a variety of locations including festivals, libraries, community centres, schools, bookstores, and in home school settings.

I’m looking forward to meeting you at the next workshop …

Rebecca Fraser

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